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Pharma Pcd Franchise A Career Opportunity

We  offers great career opportunity in Pharma Franchise Marketing. Now a days people who are well experienced in Pharma Marketing wants to do their own business in pharma and predominately in marketing side, reasons are many , mainly dissatisfaction from the job. Resulting they wants to establish their own permanent business.

We welcome the experienced pharma marketing people to enjoy the complete monopoly rights and establish themselves. 
We  pledge to provide the platform from where you can focus with your complete expertise to grow.

WE OFFERS: Pharma Franchise or Pharma pcd  


  • Timely Delivery                                                            
  • Competitive Prices                                                         
  • Attractive Packaging                                                     
  • Marketing Backup
  • Wide Range
  • Guaranteed Monopoly
  • Promotional back up like Visual Aid, Product at a glance card, Leave Behind Cards, Sample catch covers, MR bag with company Logo and Order Book.
  • Huge margins of profit.

The Person from pharma Marketing experience ( AS MEDICAL REPRESENTATIVE, ASM, RSM,ZSM ETC. in any pharma company) are welcome for sole Marketing and Pcd  rights.

If you are really interested to be associated with us and engage your territory initially to enjoy monopoly, then you can send enquiry or meet personally or write/e-mail to us.



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Raman Maingi